Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thought of the Day

Today's thought comes from Charles Spurgeon's morning devotion for November 19. I read it this morning (actually, technically, it was yesterday morning) and have been meditating on what he was trying to convey about "avoid[ing] foolish questions" from Titus 3:9. Here is an excerpt from his devotion.

"Our days are few, and far better spent in doing good, than in disputing over matters which are, at best, of minor importance. The old schoolmen did a world of mischief by their incessant discussion of subjects of no practical importance; and our Churches suffer much from petty wars over abstruse (not easily understood) points and unimportant questions. ... Questions upon points wherein Scripture is silent; upon mysteries which belong to God alone; upon prophecies of doubtful interpretation; and upon mere modes of observing human ceremonials, are all foolish, and wise men avoid them. ... and if we observe the apostle's precept (Titus 3:8) to be careful to maintain good works, we shall find ourselves far too much occupied with profitable business to take much interest in unworthy, contentious, and needless strivings. ..."

He did say that there were questions we should ask, though, and I quote him directly:
  • Do I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Am I renewed in the spirit of my mind?
  • Am I walking not after the flesh, but after the Spirit?
  • Am I growing in grace?
  • Does my conversation adorn the doctrine of God my Savior?
  • Am I looking for the coming of the Lord, and watching as a servant should do who expects his master?
  • What more can I do for Jesus?
This devotion was a good gentle rebuke for me today.

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