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Well, I've taken some time off since my last post. I took a break mainly to study, but it was a much longer break than I had envisioned. What I had thought would be only a summer off became one year and eight months. Or 609 days. A lot has happened in that time, as I imagine a lot happens during 609 days of your life. And so, I begin again. Admittedly, I'm a little different. A little of the same. A little wiser. And a little less knowledgeable. I have more marriage and parenting under my belt and so much more marriage and parenting left to put under my belt.  I have since joined a new church family with my husband and daughter, and I have been reading voraciously. So. Many. Things. Including God's Word.

And, so, I want to begin again.

First, let me re-introduce the initial ideas I had for this online devotional journal of mine.

In 2003, I had it in my mind to create a Web site entitled, "Under the Shadow of His Wings," to encourage women in the Lord (hoping it may bless men, as well!). The main way I was going to do that was to post my journal-like devotions online that I have written over time during my Bible readings to help them fall in love with their Savior.

I have three inspirations for this endeavor. The first inspiration is Charles Spurgeon's Morning & Evening daily devotional. His insights into the Scriptures and his love for God's word have inspired me to have the same regard toward the Bible. The other inspiration comes from the author Francine Rivers. In the "About the Author" sections of her books, she has noted over and over again that she worships Jesus through her writings, and that worship, in my opinion, spills over into her stories. I have since wanted the same in my own writings. My third and final inspiration is my Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the most important of them all.

And so, since about 2001, I have written devotions to verses that God has used to speak to my heart about one issue or another. I haven't written one every day, but I have written quite a few. Because of this, and the "blogging" technology, I think now is the time to begin such a task.

I am in no way unique in this endeavor, but perhaps the Lord can use my ability to write to glorify Him - namely by helping others walk near Him ... to reside ever and always under the shadow of His wings.

For His glory,

Updated: 3-30-2016 

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