Friday, April 05, 2013

Five Minute Friday: After

After the pain, after the rain
After the tears, after the years
After the waiting, after the hurting
After the when, after the then
We need, we feed
On God’s Word
Come what may, come what might
Let us not be afraid or in flight
Be still, be real
For God is near
Never fear
Jesus waits on us
Yearns for us
To come to Him and find Him
In the ashes, in the dust
Our lives, never complete
For without Him,
We can do nothing.
There is a before, there is a behind
We know not what we will find
In the coming days
Of God’s ways
Just stay the course
Begin again if you must
But never forget
That He has an eternal
Where we will put our face
In His hands
And rest there

1 comment:

Liz J said...

Love this! Well put together :)
Five Minute Friday brought me here! Hope your Friday is full of Hope and Joy!

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