Friday, June 21, 2013

Something to Eat

“... and [He] commanded that something should be given her to eat.”Mark 5:43b

God's word never ceases to surprise and amaze me especially when a small little passage in the midst of glorious miracles stands out and feeds my soul.

This passage of Scripture follows two tremendous miracles—the raising of Jarius’ daughter from the dead and the healing of a woman’s blood disease by just the touching of Jesus’ garment. After these miracles, Jesus commands those around Him, to meet Jarius’ daughter’s physical need of nourishment.

I think this has many applications today, but only a couple of which I will explore here.

First, God is the only One Who has the power to heal miraculously. It is His work alone that has the power to raise up and make whole, not only our physical bodies but, more importantly, our spiritual conditions. Despite that truth, though, we also play a role in His healing of others. We can help provide for physical, earthly needs, such as clothing, housing, and in this case food. It is interesting to note in this portion of Scripture, He had to command others to feed her. One reason could have been the people around the young girl were so astonished at the miracle(s) before them, they forgot the very present physical need of the young girl—her nourishment.

The second application I see is that God is not only in the details of our miraculous healings—whether they are spiritual, emotional and/or physical in nature—He is also concerned with our bodies' very real and basic human needs while we are here on earth. But while He could have given her miraculous nourishment, He chose in this instance to use the rudiments of this world to nourish her and, as mentioned above, to invite those around her to have a part in that.

Let us continue to trust God to do the miraculous in others’ lives today, and let us obey Him and compliment His work on earth by providing for their physical needs, as we are called to do.

Perhaps you glean another spiritual truth here that I didn't touch on. If you feel led, I invite you to share it in the comments section of my blog.

Taken in the Gypsy Village of Conti
Near Onesti, Romania (2005)

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