Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small … & My First Contest!

First, Five Minute Friday … almost a week late!

The word for this week was “Small,” written in five minutes, with no edits.



Down deep in the crevices of my mind, are memories upon memories that seem sometimes inaccessible. I look for the past, and try to reach far back there, and I get what amounts to a blank screen. A kind of feeling that the files have been erased.

But sometimes, there are small bits that I do remember. The happy, joyful bits of my past that help me appreciate the life I have been given. It's when I reflect on a series of small moments, a smile creeps to my face and I think, yes, I have a good life. I was able to travel, speak another language, learn about the Kings and Queens of Britannia, which was most certainly a foretaste of my current love of BBC and Masterpiece Theater, and all things British in the form of mysteries and mini-series.

There is also a small part of me … actually it may not be quite so small in which I don't remember things. Perhaps the shadows of those memories are too dark to dwell in, and I prefer living in the moment and creating new memories, joyful memories, as I build a life with a husband and child.

I don't do backwards, is what I'll say when the memories are too hard to digest.


(Note: Well, the idea of writing short stories with the weekly Five Minute Friday word prompt has fallen flat and after only two weeks of doing it. (Part one, here, and part two, here, if you're interested.) It seemed a good idea in theory but very difficult for me in practice. So, I just wrote what came to my mind this week.)


And now, the CONTEST!

In celebration of receiving "50 Likes" on my facebook page and having 50 posts written on my blog as of today, I want to give away one of the pictures on my blog, as well as try and get more readers!

So, how are we going to do this?

I will enter you in my contest to receive a free photo (assuming you want a matted 3x5/4x6 photo of your choice from my blog AND mailed to you free of charge, ANYWHERE in the world!) if you:
  1. Like my page on Facebook (and haven't already) or if you follow my blog via Google+;
  2. Sign up to receive emails when I put out a new post (you will need to subscribe to “Receive Emails” on the blog itself and then you will get an email in which you will need to verify you want to receive emails); OR
  3. Recommend a friend and they like my page, which was the original goal of the contest. Somehow you or your friend will need to let me know they've signed up via a message on my page or some other way. 
It's possible to enter more than once, if you do more than one of the above.

The contest began yesterday (Tuesday, August 20th), and it will end next Tuesday, on August 27th at midnight (the midnight where you are located in the world!).

This is my first contest, so it may be a work in progress. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Again, the prize will be a matted 3x5 or 4x6 picture of your choosing, mailed to you at no cost, anywhere in the world.

So, here we go. Happy contesting. And God bless you today!  

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