Sunday, August 04, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Story (Part I)

I thought I'd try something a little different for my Five Minute Friday writing exercises. Using this week's prompt and another fellow blogger's idea, I am going to use these five minutes a week to craft out a story, which may be a little like creative nonfiction in places, as part of it will reflect a little of me, albeit creatively. I hope you join me to watch the story unfold. 

The word, the time, the day. It seemed so far away from her at the moment. All she could do was look out the window and imagine the what if. What if he never came for her. What if she was waiting in vain for a man that was a figment of her imagination. The air was so still outside. The leaves barely made movements from the wind. The sun's rays were harsh and unyielding. They were like her desire for marriage … yearnings of the heart that were unrelenting in their merry-go-round like pulls on her heart. Is he there? How about here? Is he the one ringing up my groceries, Lord? How about him? He has a good job, good morals, and good looks. Surely it's him.

Silence. Like the breeze outside. She heard nothing. She prayed for guidance, for wisdom, for any noticeable direction. The paths she should walk. The careers she should choose. And the prerequisites she should have. Sometimes, depending on the day, the prerequisite was that he would simply be available.

So, she rounded the corner … entering a new street. A new chapter. And another hope.

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