Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Last week, when I was reading my friend's blog, Four For France, she had this funny "button" located at the bottom of her entry. Well, I was curious, and I clicked on it and discovered an online writing forum that sung to me! It was called "Five Minute Friday," and it was started by Lisa Jo Baker at She sends out a writing  prompt, every Friday, and the writer then takes five minutes to write anything that comes to them, without editing or over thinking. They are supposed to just write. What fun! I thought.

I then read some of Lisa's writings and was not only impressed with her talent and musings but I was also inspired to begin writing "outward" to an audience, and not for myself alone ... thus, my blog.

The other inspiration came from Jenn who writes the above-mentioned "Four For France," a blog about her life as she and her family serve God as missionaries to France. I love how she uses her writing to share her daily moments and how they often relate to Jesus and His work in her life.

Anyway, here goes my first "Five Minute Friday," and I have to be completely honest, I did some minor editing. (Old habits, you know.)

Next time, you will see the flaws and all!

And do click on that funny little button at the end of this post!

Today's prompt, as the title of this post alludes to, is rest.

What is that word in my daily life? Is it the time (quiet or otherwise) when I spend time in conversational prayer and Bible reading with my Lord? Is it when I am forced to hold my child in my arms as I feed her the nourishment she needs to grow? Is it in front of a stove, when my child is playing by herself on the floor in the room next to me, as I lovingly prepare a meal for my husband?

Or is it the time I spend – the few minutes of time, that is – when I rest my body on my bed, with my back to the pillows and that soft light emanates from my table lamp, and I can quietly read a passage from whatever book has captured my interest at that time, when, while I read, I can hear the soft sounds of my baby sleeping in the room next to me?

Or could my rest be looking out of my home office window into the forest of trees and nature my husband has so tenderly nurtured in the years he’s lived in this house, as I watch the wind blow on the branches outside and the squirrels lovingly do their “dating” rituals?

I don’t know what rest is for you, but I think for me it’s in the little moments like these I experience throughout my day.

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Four for France said...

Love it, Cassy! I, too, find rest in little moments through the day. And as for FMF, I edit a bit, too. I don't mean to break the rules...I just can't stand typos :)!

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