Monday, March 18, 2013

The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes treasures are found in the rereading of our history. I came across one treasure the other day in this poem I wrote below in 2007. For background, it is an overview of my years waiting for a husband and hopefully a family of my very own and how God did not let me wait idle! He definitely kept my feet moving.

Nearly three years after this was written, I got married, and nearly two years after that, our daughter was born. Although I reference many places, I decided to just include two photographs of the girls I mention by name in this poem. My prayer is this blesses you in some way today. --Cassy


The road less traveled
Is the one I find myself on
Here a little
There a little
Rounding the corner to find …
My destiny?
My purpose in God’s hands
I look there and see a little bit of Asia
Of Cambodia and her religious ruins and killing fields
Of Viet Nam and leftovers of a war my dad fought
Of Laos and her beautiful land
And of Thailand where I first heard my missionary call

I see a little bit of Europe
Of Romania and her “Asta Este”*
Of Romanian students trying so hard to grow up
In a world they know little about
Of Gypsies
And their flamboyant colors and naughtiness
All exaggerated in the lens of my camera
Miora’s eyes
And Sorina’s hot pink flower
In her hair
Complimenting the stare
Now immortalized in pixels on a print
In a frame on my wall

The road less traveled
I have been on since my life
Was yielded into His hands
At the age of 23

And there, in the midst of His creases and scars
Lies a map of His drawing
Of my journey with a Savior who spoils me
In taking me to places I never
Would have imagined
I’d travel.

 (Written 11-18-07)

*Asta Este means “It is what it is.” It is basically the Romanian version of the French saying “C’est la vie” or the American saying “That’s Life.”

Sorina (Onesti, Romania, in July 2005)

Miora (Onesti, Romania, in July 2005)


Christine Semperger said...

I think I shall have to leave the writing to you, but I will enjoy catching your posts now and then,

Cassandra Benefield said...

Thank you dear friend.

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