Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Comfort

Holy Spirit, the Great Comforter, please be my guide as I attempt to share a precious memory that is only one day old.

Yesterday, my daughter, who is just shy of 10 months old, gave me a gift. It was a gift covered in her smile and wrapped with her squeals of affection. We were resting together on the living room couch—after a long day filled with so much activity. Dishes—as in her bottles—were dirty in the sink but I forced myself to enjoy a restful moment with my daughter.

And it was not found wanting.

I wrapped her with my arms and pulled her close, covered with one of her beautiful blankets. And we spent time cuddling, laughing, kissing and hugging.

At that moment, my heart was sealed with love for my precious daughter.

Inside, my heart was filled with so much comfort, affection and love.

It was precious. My gift, this first Mother’s Day.


Bridy H said...

Simply beautiful, a written cut-out of a mother´s love. Why not taking a copy into her baby album? I´m sure she will love to read it when she´s a grown-up one day. All the best wishes for your little family!

erin said...

Ahh, there is nothing so wonderful as a baby's snuggles! Loved this!

Renaissance Women said...

I saw another Cassandra on the page and I had to visit! :D Thank you for sharing your sweet memory of those precious moments. It took me back to similar moments with my sons, all three of which are in their thirties with children of their own. The dishes will get done, the housework will too, but these moments will not come again. Cherish them and don't allow anyone or anything to make you miss them.

God Bless.

Cassandra from Renaissance Women

Four for France said...

SO sweet. I am so glad that you are savoring those moments!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...and so sweet. You found comfort in comforting your baby. I love that! Found you at FMF. Blessings to you!!

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