Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Song

See the birds in the sky. Flying above all the cares, all the tragedies and all our sadness.

They soar on the songs of the wind. Higher and higher they go, until at some point, they are out of our vision.

But with them, they carry a vision of our own making. Taking with them the lost moments of the day. The frustrations. The ill will we carry in our hearts.

So, that when they are removed from our sight, we can see clearer than before. We see the present and tomorrow with hope and joyful anticipation that something better will settle into our hearts.

Once the past is removed, the ugly past. The past that we don’t like reflecting on in our soul’s mirror. That past. Once it is removed. We begin to soar, like those birds who carried away our longings.

We start to sing the songs of flight coasting in the air with our wings. But for perfect peace. For perfect soaring, we need to recognize that our wings need to rest under God’s wings.

All because in order for our song to have that perfect pitch, it needs to be yielded, humbled, and settled under the loving wings of our Heavenly Father.

Spokane, WA (2013)


Registered Runaway said...

So so happy you linked up before me so I could catch this beautiful poetic post! The imagery of the birds flying out of sight, mercifully taking away the pain of the day, that was so refreshing to me. Creative and truthful to the message of God moving us forward, letting us accept what we can and look forward to what's coming. Thank you!

Cassandra Benefield said...

Thank you so much for your kind encouraging comment. It really made my day.

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